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Industrial Engineering Enterprises Company (Pvt) Limited was established in 1987, incorporated under the companies ordinance as a Limited Liability Company.

We are in the business of Construction Work, Installation of Steel Structures, Steel Bridges, Steel Oil Storage Tanks, Construction of Pre-fabricated buildings, Stainless steel fabrication and Project Management etc.

Our aim from day one was to produce steel structures of the highest standards. To reach that aim we developed our factory with the best and most hi-tech equipment & power tools are being used in 675 Sq meter work shop. The greatest success of our company is our team and team work. Each member of our team is a professional dedicated to provide our customer to the best of services.

Industrial Engineering Enterprises Co., (Pvt.) Ltd. has been qualified to undertake on many prestigious project in and around the Sri Lanka for which many recommendation were awarded to us by our Clients, Consultants, local and multinational contractors.

Our production capacity exceeds 300 Metric Tons of steel structures per month and our workforce consisting of 70 professionals and skilled having a 20 years experience in steel fabrication and erection field.

The member of The Institute for Construction Training and Development (ICTAD) under category

    EM 01 (Steel Fabrication)

    M6 (Civil Construction)


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“A very big "THANK YOU" for your great effort and countless hours. I am sure to make this job for our client happen. We sincerely would like to thank you and the rest of your staff for a great job. Well done.”

Rasika Fernando
Stafford Motors